Rack Guarding & Protection

Redirack's heavy duty rack protectors are the smart choice when you need protection for your racking. Its sturdy all-steel construction and resilient powder-coated, safety-yellow paint finish deliver long-lasting protection at an affordable price. 

  • End of Aisle Rack Protection - where most damage typically occurs to racking. They protect racking from unintentional hits from lift trucks and pallet loads being carried by lift trucks.  Quick and easy to install without moving or disturbing current rack installations they take up very little of your existing aisle space. 
  • Rack Upright Post Protectors - protects individual racking frame posts from possible damage by lift trucks and pallets.


Rack Pal 1


Redirack Rack Pal 2


Redirack Rack Pal 3


Heavy Duty Rack Protection


End of Aisle Rack Protection


Rack Post and End of Aisle Protection


Rack Post Protector


Rack Frame Post Protector

Additional sizes and protection levels available upon request.

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