Pallet Racking

Redirack is synonymous with Pallet Rack in Canada. Over 30 years ago, Redirack revolutionized the industrial storage industry by developing the Redirack design. This quickly became the industry standard and remains so today - about 80% of all pallet racking implemented in Canada is Redirack or a clone.

Pallet Rack is the primary storage component of many warehouses. A well designed storage system is dynamic and reduces the overall cost of handling product within your organization. Ultimately, your solution should increase storage density without compromising selectivity or efficiency - and Redirack accomplishes this.

Because of its versatility and range of customizations available, our solutions are well suited to a variety of storage environments, ranging from small facilities to multi-levelled warehouses. Whether you require a simple pallet racking application or a sophisticated system, Redirack will provide a high quality, secure and cost efficient solution for you. Redirack Pallet Rack Advantage

Safety Clips for Pallet Racking (Stock Items are indicated by Red Arrows)

Structural   Roll-Formed
Cantilever Racking   Shelving   Mezzanines

At a Glance

  • Benefits & Features of Pallet Rack
    • Made with structural grade minimum 50,000 PSI steel
    • Redirack frames contain stronger and more compressed panels than other manufacturers
    • Easy to add on to and expand
    • Heavier columns are available for increased loads
    • Widely available throughtout North America
    • Provides great selectivity of product


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