Load Drawer

Our innovative Load Drawer system allows you to easily access loads at the floor level of storage rack. Certain heavy materials, such as concrete mix, are often stored at the lowest rack level in a warehouse because of their weight, and it is not uncommon for them to be gradually pushed back by other loads. Consequently, retrieving these items is difficult and can cause injury to workers.

The Redirack design solves this problem by enabling a worker to move floor level loads into the aisle for easy picking. He uses the drawer to move a load into the aisle, locks the device into position, and safely retrieves the product.

A Load Drawer can be locked in two positions: when it is stored underneath the rack and when it has been extended into the aisle for load retrieval. It is easily moved by pulling the handle away from the drawer and twisting it, unlocking the drawer. It can be relocked by twisting the handle back to the locked position.

Redirack Load Drawer Advantage

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At a Glance

  • Benefits & Features of Load Drawer
    • Loads can be easily and safely accessed
    • Design is self-contained and requires no aisle racks or tracks
    • Drawers can be securely locked and unlocked


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